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Alma Mater is a Latin phrase meaning “the university, school, or college that one formerly attended”. Alma Mater College Australia (AMCA) aims to become a college where many international students feel at home, staying true to its name.

As one of Australia's leading government-approved training providers, AMCA's top-quality qualifications in commercial cookery, hospitality management, and early childhood education and care, and individual and community support will be recognised anywhere in Australia.

AMCA is in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, conveniently located two minutes away from Flinders Street Station.

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Individual Support (Ageing and Disability)

Our Individual Support (Ageing and Disability) course is intended to teach entry-level workers for positions in residential aged care institutions, community care and nursing homes, and disability care facilities.

At the same time, our Community Services course teaches students the skills and knowledge required to work in a wide range of community service roles. This course teaches students to care for various parts of a person's life and assist them in dealing with concerns ranging from health and security to emotional well-being. The C.III program includes 150 hours of practical work experience, whereas the Diploma program includes an additional 200 hours.

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Early childhood and care

Our early childhood education and care courses cover topics that are essential in the early childhood and care industry. All students will gain exposure to leadership and management practices to support their career progression.

AMCA has partnered with one of Melbourne's premier early childhood education & care services centres: Bira Bira Early Learning Centre. This centre in Cheltenham is where AMCA students will fulfil 200 hours of compulsory pre-arranged work placement and gain a superior applied learning experience within a best-practice environment that puts the individual first.

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Commercial Kitchen

Kitchen management and hospitality management

AMCA is the premiere cooking school specialising in Italian cuisine for international students in Australia.

At AMCA, students will learn authentic Italian cuisine with a focus on exploring the origin and tradition of a large variety of regional recipes, including the well known and lesser known. Students will also discover original recipes, the methodologies of Italian cooking, as well as the culture and culinary terminology.

We aim to provide students with the opportunity to experience an authentic journey into Italian culinary traditions. Our practical cookery courses are designed to equip students to become specialists of Italian cuisine, and as a result, be successful in the hospitality industry.

Meet the team

Min Park

Min Park

Marketing Director

Min Park is an experienced marketing director with 20+ years of working in the international education industry. He is skilled in marketing management, business planning, student services, student recruitment, and international marketing.

Throughout his many years of experience, Min has helped more than 10,000 international students from all over the world to settle down to study in Australia. He understands from experience that studying without family support in a foreign country can be difficult and daunting.

Many of Min's students stay in contact with him regularly to share their life journey and future plans, and consider him their career advisor and big brother who will do his best to help whenever they need assistance or advice. He is determined to support AMCA students in the same way.

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