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Childcare Students

Mona's Profile

“I’m happy to work at childcare centre and to study at AMCA”

One of the reasons why I chose this school is because the application process was convenient. I passed the entry test; therefore, I can start to study directly without extra English courses. And also, the location is good, because it’s in CBD, which is the centre of Melbourne city. About the classes, other than just listening to the lectures, we have lots of activities like crafting, painting or drawing, and it’s very fun. My trainer (Roseanne) has lots of experience in the industry, so we can share our tricky cases in this field. One good news I want to share is I got an offer and a job. I’m happy to work in the childcare centre and I’m happy to study here in AMCA.

Mona from Korea – studying Early Childhood Education and Care
Orchell's Profile

“I’m really happy that I enrolled”

Our trainer is very friendly and brilliant. It's great to have a trainer who is as knowledgeable and dedicated as she is. She is sharing her life experiences through our class and I learn a lot of useful information about the industry. It’s also very nice to go to city to study. I’m really happy that I chose to enrol in AMCA.

Orchell from the Philippines – studying Early Childhood Education and Care
Julia's Profile

“The best part is that I already got a job for what I’m studying for”

I’m 31 years old and I came to Melbourne to study with AMCA. I’m studying my Diploma in Early childhood education and care. So far, I’m enjoying studying in AMCA so much! The staff are very friendly and they give us a lot of information. And the best part is that I already got a job for what I’m studying for. So, I can’t recommend AMCA more. And if you want to come to Melbourne and study the Early childhood education Certificate III or Diploma, this is the best place to start.

Julia from Italy – studying Early Childhood Education and Care
Teza's Profile

“Now is a perfect time for us to study and work!”

The application process in AMCA was so easy. When I passed AMCA internal English test, I can enrol in the program immediately. To me, vocational study emphasizes more on practical and hands-on approach of learning. It goes beyond theoretical knowledge and focuses on preparing us for the actual demands of the industry. Currently, I’m studying 2 full days and the remaining 3 days I’m working in a childcare centre near my house. It’s now relatively easy to enter the industry because it’s on high demand for qualified professionals. And we, as students of AMCA, can apply for the “working towards a qualification” job, making it a perfect time for us to enter the field. As far as I know you can further the academic qualification by taking the pathway into Bachelor degree which is great for you to have a better opportunity for your career advancement.

Teza from Indonesia – studying Early Childhood Education and Care
Fady's Profile

“Very good opportunity to learn about different cultures”

I’m Fady and I have been in Melbourne for 10 months already. So far, I’m enjoying the course a lot. The people around me are all very nice to me and helpful. It’s a very good opportunity to learn about friends from other cultures.

Fady from Egypt– studying Early Childhood Education and Care
Joan's Profile

“Helpful teacher and friendly classmates”

My stay here in Melbourne is very fantastic. I met a lot of people already; I have friends and everything is very good. Our teacher is very good, she helps us in everything that we do in our classes. Also, though our classmates come from different nationalities, we are very close because we got to know each other, our cultures and experiences.

Joan from the Philippines – studying Early Childhood Education and Care
Alex's Profile

“AMCA schedule gives me a lot of flexibility”

During my application process, AMCA was very helpful and responsive considering the fact that my case was pretty challenging but thanks to AMCA’s prompt actions and especially, personal level of contact, my application was processed very quickly. One other thing I like about AMCA is that the schedule gives me a lot of flexibility. I attend face-to-face classes for 2 full days a week and the assessments, workshops and assignments can be done during my extra self-study time while I can get some part time work experience as well. AMCA helps me to focus on deepening my knowledge about the course materials while I study in face-to-face classes as well as take self-study tasks.

Alex from Viet Nam – studying Early Childhood Education and Care
Marjorie's Profile

“Found a part-time job at a childcare centre after only 3 weeks of studying at AMCA”

One thing I really appreciate about AMCA is that they are really helpful and responsive to their students. Therefore, I highly encourage you all to enrol here! My schedule in AMCA is 2 full days, so I have more free time to visit friends or to arrange anything on my personal time. Thankfully I have already found a part time job at a childcare centre near my place after only 3 weeks of studying at AMCA. So, it is really good for my situation right now. Overall, I am very happy here in AMCA and satisfied with all of the facilities and all of the things that I’ve been learning here. I am really excited to be part of the childcare industry.

Marjorie from the Philippines – studying Early Childhood Education and Care
Tika's Profile

"Happy to find a job as an Educator at a childcare centre near my house”

I am happy to make friends with people from different countries such as Malaysia, The Philippines, Egypt. We are learning a lot of interesting things together every day in class. And I am happy to find a job as an Educator that is near my house.

Tika from Indonesia – studying Early Childhood Education and Care

Cookery Students

Sumin's Profile

“Now is a good timing!”

AMCA’s chefs are very passionate about their jobs so they really try to teach us very well where they’re good at. And also, the staff working in our school are very friendly and nice to us. They’re always willing to help us, which is really helpful for all overseas students. As we are in Australia with the student visa; sometimes, we might get some issues related to that and they always try to help us. I have been in Melbourne for about 4 years, and I’m really happy for my current study because I think recently, there are a lot of job opportunities in Melbourne for the hospitality industry, especially for commercial cookery. So, if you’re looking for some overseas experiences in Melbourne, I really do recommend you come to our school and study with us together!

Sumin from Korea – studying Commercial Cookery
Bell's Profile

“Exactly what I needed”

Having previously worked in a Western restaurant, I wanted to enhance my Italian cooking skills. AMCA's specialized commercial cookery program in Italian cuisine was exactly what I needed. The new facilities and expert instructors have been inspiring, and I'm already seeing great progress. Highly recommended for anyone passionate about Italian cooking!

Bell from Thailand - studying Commercial Cookery
Yuni's Profile

“Optimal learning environment from the personalised attention”

The individual training station allows for an optimal learning environment, where we receive personalised attention from our instructors. This has been instrumental in helping me grasp the intricacies of commercial cookery with greater clarity. Moreover, the school's commitment to hygiene and safety standards is commendable, ensuring we learn in a secure and clean space.

Yuni from Indonesia – studying Commercial Cookery
Patcharee's Profile

“Thrilled by the top-notch facilities”

As a student of commercial cookery at AMCA, I'm thrilled by the top-notch facilities offered here. The brand-new kitchen equipment and spacious classrooms have enhanced my learning experience. I highly recommend this school to aspiring chefs like me!

Patcharee (Pat) from Thailand – studying Commercial Cookery
Ana's Profile

“Make me feel home”

AMCA has been an incredible experience for me. The people here are genuinely nice and welcoming, they make me feel home and supported. The trainers' wealth of experience is evident in their teaching, and I've gained valuable insights from them. I'm grateful to be part of such a nurturing learning environment.

Ana from the Philippines – studying Commercial Cookery
Hisako's Profile

“Amazing adventure”

Being an international student at AMCA was an amazing adventure! I was a bit nervous at first, but the friendly atmosphere made it easy to make new friends from all over the world. We bonded over our shared experiences and quickly became like a big family. Plus, getting used to the lifestyle here was a breeze with the support of my fellow students. We explored the city together, tried new foods, and embraced the culture. It was an unforgettable journey that made me feel like I truly belonged!

Hisako from Japan – studying Commercial Cookery
Gelie's Profile

“Enjoy the multi-cultural environment”

For me, the life in Melbourne is pretty tough, I guess, like here you have 4 seasons in a day and it changes every day. Also, the life here is really busy. However, I’m really enjoying the time here because I have many new friends. For me, my journey in AMCA has been really fun as it is a multi-cultural environment. And as there is a big Asian community, despite the differences, we have many commonalities. Besides, the facilities are very good because we are the second batch of the school. Furthermore, the staff, the trainers are fun to work with and very approachable.

Gelie from the Philippines – studying Commercial Cookery
Joe's Profile

Helpful and vibrant learning community

I want to express my gratitude to Min, the marketing director at AMCA, for his invaluable assistance during my application process. Min's guidance made my application process as an onshore applicant a breeze. His support and the team’s prompt responses eased any concerns I had, and I'm thrilled to be a part of AMCA's vibrant learning community.

Joe from Thailand – studying Commercial Cookery
Shella's Profile

“An eye-opening journey”

My time at AMCA has been enriching in more ways than I could have imagined. The multicultural environment here is truly amazing, with people from diverse nationalities coming together. I've made friends from all around the world, sharing experiences, cultures, and culinary traditions. It's been an eye-opening journey that has broadened my horizons and made my learning experience even more fulfilling.

Shella from Indonesia – studying Commercial Cookery
Fluke's Profile

“We’re making unforgettable memories”

I love how conveniently located AMCA is in the heart of the CBD! It's super easy to hop on public transport and get to school hassle-free. Plus, being close to all the exciting places of entertainment, attractions, and activities is such a bonus. During breaks or after classes, my friends and I can explore the city together, making unforgettable memories. The location adds so much value to my overall experience at AMCA!

Fluke from Thailand - studying Commercial Cookery
Hye-rim's Profile

“Satisfied with the good facilities and easily accessed location”

I considered all aspects when I chose my current college -Alma Mater College Australia (AMCA). AMCA has been established very recently, so all the facilities on campus are really good. In particular, there is a separate practical kitchen in Docklands that is located in the free tram zone. It can be easily accessed within the city, and the facilities are very good. Also, my trainers care a lot about us and teach us very well. Because of these reasons, I am very satisfied with my college and happy that I have chosen it.

Hye-rim from Korea – studying Commercial Cookery
John's Profile

“Engaging learning experience”

Studying at AMCA has been a game-changer! The curriculum design is incredibly immersive. During theory classes, our trainers demonstrate cooking processes right in front of us. We get to taste and smell the delicious creations, which makes learning so engaging. It's like a sneak peek into what awaits us in the real cooking sessions the next day. This hands-on approach has not only boosted our confidence but also deepened our understanding of culinary techniques.

John from the Philippines – studying Commercial Cookery
Shaun's Profile

“Convenient timetable for working”

My name is Shaun, I’m from Korea and I’m studying commercial cookery. I’ve been studying at this college for 10 weeks and I found this college really good. It as new facilities and I’m getting a good education. There is theory class on Wednesday and there’s practical education on Friday. So, it’s good to work at the same time of studying.

Shaun from Korea – studying Commercial Cookery
Shota's Profile

“I’m truly impressed!”

My name is Shota. I’m 29 years old and I’m from Okinawa, Japan. It’s currently my second week studying at AMCA. The trainer (Kevin) is very helpful and friendly. I’m truly impressed by the hi-tech demo kitchen and the training campus facilities. So far, I really enjoy what I’ve been learning here.

Shota from Japan – studying Commercial Cookery
Jose Miguel's Profile

“Promises an unforgettable and enriching experience”

Based on my experience, I'm thoroughly enjoying the exceptional culinary journey that AMCA offers, specializing in the richness of Italian cuisine has been bringing so much new knowledge to the table for international students like myself. As an international student attending the school, I've been amazed by the depth of knowledge and hands-on training. I highly recommend this culinary school to anyone passionate about commercial cookery, as it promises an unforgettable and enriching experience.

Jose Miguel from the Philippines – studying Commercial Cookery

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