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Genobile Saba™ Food
Genobile Saba™ Food Second

Genobile Saba™

Italian food producer

Genobile Saba™ is a family owned business who delivers quality food products to independent supermarkets, delicatessens, restaurants & cafes. They are importing and distributing some of the finest Italian food. Currently Genobile Saba™'s head office is in Victoria. In the past five years they have expanded nationally by opening distribution centres in Tasmania, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide. They have a great vision to become the Australian world leader in delicious, premium and organic produce, living up to Hippocrates oath 'Let thy food be thy medicine' — and making our happy workplace a destination of choice, caring for people and planet.

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Foglia Di Fico Clam
Foglia Di Fico Tagliolini
Foglia Di Fico Wall
Foglia Di Fico Bottega

Foglia Di Fico

Italian restaurant

"Freshly baked bread & extra virgin olive oil harmonised with Fresh Pasta & Local produce. We appreciate Nature's gift”.

Located in the west end side of Melbourne CBD, Foglia di Fico (meaning Fig Leaf) delivers fine Italian food in a warm and charming rustic setting. Here Chef Jerry Kim brings his innovation and delicate touch to a modern Italian cuisine, showing his respect for nature's produce through his elegant take on the menu.

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Early childhood and care
Early childhood and care
Early childhood and care
Early childhood and care

Bira Bira

Early Learning Center

Our Early Childhood Education courses will teach you how to provide enriching experiences to impact a young childs learning and quality of life. You will gain an understanding of cultural identity, how to provide a safe and healthy environment, how to build strong relationships with children and families, and more. We will also provide you with an understanding of running a centre and supervision of staff, designing and implementing programs, coordination, and advocacy for the rights of children.

You will have real-world experience in childcare with our fully equipped practical rooms and many hours of compulsory pre-arranged work placement before you graduate so that you will become Real Job Ready!

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Funghi e Tartufo Eggplant
Funghi e Tartufo Dining
Funghi e Tartufo Hardware Lane

Funghi e Tartufo

Italian restaurant

Funghi e Tartufo is Melbourne's New All-Vegan Italian Restaurant in Hardware Lane and its the first plant based Italian restaurant in Australia!

In a converted 19th century warehouse, Funghi e Tartufo — meaning Mushrooms and Truffle in honour of its signature dish — will offer customer a unique experience. The inspiration is traditional Sicilian and the vision is a modern and earth friendly way to marry deliciousness with plant based food. They are dishing up a top-notch plant-based take on Italian fare, from bolognese arancini to creamy carbonara.

The menu abounds in gluten-free options, and even the wine and cocktail list is an all-vegan affair. Their Chef Alessandra D'Angelo moved to Australia from Sicily in 2009 and she has been working incessantly on vegetarian and vegan recipes since then.

Roccella Coffees
Roccella Portrait
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Roccella Inside
Roccella Corner
Francesco Pizza
Roccella Pizza
Inclito Min Francesco


All Day Italian Eatery

Roccella is an all-day Italian restaurant, combining the love of pizza and Italian food established by a highly acclaimed Italian Chef Francesco Crifo, commonly known as Ciccio in 2019.

Francesco was born in Catania Sicily and raised by a family of restaurateurs and grew up in the busy kitchen environment which is where his love of pizza was born. He first began working in a family friends' pizzeria at age 14, running deliveries and by 16 he was in the kitchen full time. At 23, he was leading the team as the Head Chef at Beato Te Milano, one of the biggest hospitality venues in Milan. A love of travel and the excitement of new opportunities lead him to Australia with his wife, where he continued his journey in the kitchen, bringing his passion, expertise and a slice of the Italian culture.

His renowned restaurant, Roccella is located in East Melbourne, very close to the Melbourne CBD with an inviting space where everyone is welcome; much like the Italian culture of accommodating guests as if they are family!

Francesco is determined to support giving the AMCA's students the chance to work for 6 months in a real and busy kitchen at Roccella while they take their industry placements.